RenderSan symbol / logo competition

Symbol/logo competition information:

RenderSan is RenderMan® user community in Japan.
The logo should represent RenderMan® users in Japan. Please create a design that represents your style.

Application deadline July 25, 2008 (24:00 JST)

Application and participation
Qualification may be any corporate group, individuals or groups. We do not need to know your age, sex, occupation or nationality. This competition is open to any unpublished entries in and outside Japan.

0 yen (community effort)

Application details
Please develop the symbol/logo to fill the following criteria.

  • Japanesque: Should transmit an image of the Japanese RenderMan® user to a global audience.
  • Scale: Should also bring attention to the Japanese RenderMan® community from all over the world.
  • Global: Content should be able to be comprehensible, it to be easy remember, and to transmit it's idea adequately.
  • Originality: The symbol/logo should convey the impression "RenderSan", with great originality.

Submitting method

email: comp(at)


RenderSan and RenderMan® user community in Japan

Rights etc
  1. All rights including the copyright concerning the symbol/logo adopted are assumed to belong to RenderSan and the RenderMan® user community in Japan.
  2. Any part of the chosen work may be retouched by convenience.
  3. All applications will not be returned.
  4. The logo mark may be the registration mark each country of use.
After the initial official announcement, The winning result will be published in the following site around the middle of August, 2008.

Information published in this site is only an outline, and it is likely to be modified. To confirm a more detailed content and latest information you should mail
comp(at) .