RenderSan Dai3

I was truly humbled by the wonderful community spirit that was shown at RenderSan.
Thank you so much Yosuke Katsura, David Lin, Jun Saito, and Syoyo Fujita for speaking with me at this months RenderSan.
And thank you so much SGI Japan for the BEST venue ever!
We had a turnout of around 40, not bad for a long weekend where about 20 couldn't make it. Next time lets make it the 60 it should have been ok!
Even my speech went sort of well(!!!!) and I am usually awful at speaking in front of large audiences! I may actually be getting the hang of this kinda thing after all.
We started off with Yosuke giving a demo with Maya for 3delight and Mayaman. He explained a little of rib and shader information, just enough so newbies wouldn't run and pro users understood the difference between converters.
Next up was David with his wonderful demo with Houdini - the great package that needs NO converter.

Then was me, I gave a small demo with 3delight for XSI Studio and RenderMan Pro Studio. I explained how with this wonderful standard you can intertwine all these 3d packages using rib. I read the animation from Davids Houdini demo and opened them up, and lit them in both XSI and Maya. If time permitted I was going to go on to 3 more demos in 3dsMax then Lightwave - but time was not on our side.

Next came some wonderful stuff from Sega. Jun showed and inspired us all how Sega uses Pixar's RenderMan to make the coolest game openings EVER.
Lastly was our special presentation from Fujita San. This is a guy who wrote his OWN RenderMan compliant renderer. Everyone was totally geeked out by this time especially when he showed his interactive GI tricks. - Genius!
Right after, most of us went out to the Ebisu beer hall nearby to have a chat and have fun. Attendees of my regular gatherings made everyone feel part of a true community.
We were the last in the hall on that Saturday night!

Some peoples reactions (with their permission):
from Hiroshi Chiyama san:

Mr. Bernard

I was happy to join RenderSan Meeting #3.It was so exciting.
To tell a truth, I've never used RenderMan and I only know
"It's world's best brilliant renderer :-)".

But, Demonstrations and SEGA's movie excited me.
Especially, I was surprised at particular function that
imports RIB File to scene dynamically. it's amazing!!

Thank you for opening such a wonderful meeting.

RenderSan Meeting #3 に参加することができて、
正直、RenderMan は使ったこともなく、"世界で

しかし、デモンストレーションや SEGA の新作ムービーには
興奮しました。特に RIB ファイルを動的にシーンに取り込む




参加ご希望の方はお手数ですが 11/21 12pmまでにご返信ください。rsvp (at)
日時:11/22 18:00-19:30 
場所:SGI Hall
恵比寿ガーデンプレイスタワー B1F


RenderSan meeting #3

There are sill a couple of seats available, if you ask nicely ;P I can still accept some RSVP's.
Announcing the third RenderSan meeting.
I promise this meeting will have something for everyone.
So if you are a novice or a pro, you will gain something from this event.
The fantastic schedule I have planned is to have a simple example
scene and convert it into renderman in many ways.
The presenters will use many different 3d packages, converters, and
renderman renderers.
So whatever pipeline you have used till now you can compare it, or if
you have never used renderman before this will be your chance to see
many ways to use it!
If you are a student we will show you free ways to use RenderMan. And
because RenderMan is a standard it is not very hard to change from a
free implementation to a commercial implementation.
If you are a manager we can show you ways to implement a proper render
pipeline, the standard which most blockbuster movies use.
All examples will be very simple so anyone can understand.
There will be an explanation in simple terms how you can mix packages
using RenderMan.
Like houdini dynamics but want to have a character in Maya and a
background in XSI? - no problem.
This is your chance to see a non-biased, non-commercial presentations
from our community.
And best of all there will be a party later so you can all meet other
renderman geeks.
You can forward this email to your friends if you think they are interested.

To attend please rsvp before 12pm November 21. to: rsvp (at)

Limit: 80 people
Time: 22 November 18:00-19:30
Place: SGI Hall
Tokyo-To Shibuya-Ku Ebisu 4-20-3
Ebisu Garden Place Tower B1F

Cost: free (of course!)