RenderSan meeting #4

Combined RenderSan and monthly CG/Film/Game/HCI party.
You may know I run a bunch of events for people in our field every 5-8 weeks in Tokyo.

I will be combining 2 of them on the same day for this month.
The way I will work it is we will do the ultra geeky RenderSan seminar at 7pm.
For those of you who just want to mingle and don't want to listen to RenderMan related things can attend the post RenderSan dinner at 9pm.
Like always I have special guests from overseas lined up (no not last weeks GOD of RenderMan Tony) Peter Moxom who may have some Pixar goodies to share.
The second guest is Alex Brodie a wonderful Brit post genius (Apple iPod silhouette CM) who survived Hollywood.
#1 RenderSan seminar
RenderSan the RenderMan user community of Japan (RenderMan is a registered trademark of Pixar)
Sched: opening by RenderSan President Bernard Edlington
Shading Language fundamentals Katsuaki Hiramitsu
Guest talk from Pixar's Peter Moxom
Limit: 80
Time: Wednesday May 20 19:00-20:45
Cost: 0 Yen
Place: Silicon graphics Hall
Tokyo-To Shibuya-Ku Ebisu 4-20-3
Ebisu Garden Place Tower B1F
#2 Bernies monthly Tokyo film/CG/Game/(etc) makers dinner. (TokyoGAF Party).
Beer hall drinkies ;P
limit: 90
Time: Wednesday May 20 21:00-23:00
Cost: around 3000-5000 yen (we split the bill)
Place: Beer station Ebisu

Tokyo-To Shibuya-Ku Ebisu 4-20
Yebisu Garden Place

To attend please rsvp before May 17th here: